August 20, 2018

Menopause affecting Konadu’s thoughts – Boboobi

Nana Konadu Agyemang RawlingsFormer First Lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings has come under scathing attack for venting her spleen on the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) accusing the John Mahama-led administration of corrupt practices.

A leading member of the NDC Communication Team Godwin Boboobi disclosed that Nana Konadu has attained menopausal age and it may be affecting her way of reasoning and analysis of issues.

According to him, the 2012 flagbearer of National Democratic Party (NDP) has no grasps of issues of the country and therefore her accusations are unfounded, baseless and lack merit blaming the situation to her age which is largely affecting her thinking.

‘I think that our mom, she is still our mom, she is of age now, age is catching up I think that she is just exhibiting some menopausal symptoms, I mean its normal, she is growing , and at her age we expect that these are menopausal symptoms,’ he alleged.

Speaking on Ultimate FM Fact File hosted by Julius Caesar Anadem, Boboobi he described the former first lady’s comments on NDC wasting state resources as non issues with no basis.

‘The last time I checked she is the founder of NDP they tried back door coming to NDC with countless letters from Josiah Aryeh but some conditions, they were thrown out,… The last time I listened to her she struggled to tell the name of National Communication for Civic Education (NCCE), our mom is grown we accept some of these things and we are ready to move with her, although she is with a different party,

According to him, the Mahama government has been working assiduously in changing Ghanaians’ lives.

‘If you go to circle in Accra, the traffic situation has changed at the time she was the first lady, now we have millennium schools, we had few schools in her time, Tema harbour has now been expanded to offer jobs, Teshie people could not get water but now they have water,’ he explained.

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