July 16, 2018

Disaster looms as N1 Achimota bridge falls apart

N1 Achimota bridgeA major disaster is approaching on the George Walker Bush Highway generally known as N1 Highway as one of the bridges over the 4th lane road is falling separately.

The Abofu footbridge just after Achimota junction on Ghana’s largest highway which was publically opened to motorists in February 2012, has increased serious cracks and could fall off anytime soon.

Pavement slabs used in building the bridge are seen coming out as the metallic used to hold the boundary line at the top of the bridge has someway separated leaving a huge hole in the bridge.

Even though the poles holding the bridge still look strong, several parts of the bridge seem weak could breakdown on any of the hundreds of vehicles that work the road daily.

Residents say they have avoiding the bridge because it is terrifying and not safe for human usage.

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